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This coursedescribes the American Mental Health Counselors Association ethics code, which is intended to help assist counselors in making ethical decisions, to define ethical behaviors and best practices for Association members, to support the mission of the Association, and to educate members regarding the ethical standards of mental health counselors.


1. Define ethical behaviors and best practices for American Mental Health Counselors Association members including the counselor's integrity, commitment, and responsibility to the client.
2. Describe the ethical-decision making processes that mental health counselors are expected to utilize when faced with ethical dilemmas.
3. Identify ethical considerations related to the counseling process such as the use of counseling plans, informed consent, client's rights, and termination and referral practices.
4. Evaluate the counselor's ethical commitment to other professionals, students, and supervisees as well as to the mental health profession and to the public.

Author(s):American Mental Health Counselors Association

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