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About this course

This course discusses bullying and cyberbullying and reviews the most current research on interventions focused on reducing bullying and/or increasing social skills.


a. Identify at least two intervention models that have been proposed to reduce bullying.

b. Discuss the short and long term effectiveness of programs aimed at reducing bullying. 

c. Describe the findings of at least one randomized-controlled trial evaluating a bullying intervention.

d. Name at least one limitation of the reviewed studies.

Instructional Level: Intermediate

Instructor(s): Jennifer Sweeton, Psy.D, MS, MA

Material Author(s): Elisa Cantone, Anna P. Piras, Marcello Vellante, Antonello Preti, Sigrun Daníelsdóttir, Ernesto D’Aloja, Sigita Lesinskiene, Mathhias C. Angermeyer, Mauro G. Carta, & Dinesh Bhugra

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